When you undertake a home improvement project, there are dozens of decisions to be made: styles, colors, finishes and so on. The most important decision, however, is the first one: choosing the right contractor. The company you choose will be permanently altering your most important (and expensive) possession: your home. Remodeling is one decision that requires you to look beyond the lowest price and consider the reputation and reliability of the company providing the services.

Each week, we at Houlinan Construction receive several calls from people who hired a contractor who offered a low price. The contractor then either did a substandard job or began the work and never completed it. Not only did the low price not save the customer any money, they are now in the position of paying twice to have the same work done (if they can find a contractor who will accept such a project).

Residential Construction Services

There are many such contractors who have given the construction industry a bad reputation through both substandard work and high-pressure sales tactics. That’s why we at Houlinan Construction believe it’s so very important to choose a reputable contractor.

When you choose Houlinan Construction, you’re choosing a name that has been building for more than 40 years. We’re licensed, bonded and insured to make your remodeling experience worry-free.

Obviously, we hope you’ll choose Houlinan Construction for your home construction needs. But whatever your decision, be sure to choose a reputable contractor who is licensed and insured. Your home is no place to cut corners.


Commercial Construction Services

Houlinan Construction has built all styles and sizes of custom homes throughout the years. We believe in maintaining a professional approach to the construction of our new commercial building where we use our problem solving skills and experience to deliver a finished product that you can call it for years to come.

We feel it is essential to maintain an open line of communication between all involved in the commercial building process. This includes the most important spoke in the wheel, the client. It is our goal to keep you involved and informed in all that we do regarding your Custom Commercial Building.

Remodeling & Repairs

Saint Cloud homeowners don’t understand remodeling as a opportunity to express their individuality and sense of style. If you are remodeling or repairing your home, the bathroom is one room you cannot afford to overlook. Considering how much time you spend in this room, you definitely want that space to be comfortable, functional and good looking as possible.

Step one is creating a good remodeling plan. Your financial outlook on the project is a good place to start. If you’re looking for a partial remodel, for example focusing on bathroom fixtures or bathroom cabinets, our knowledge base of articles can help. If you want to work toward a complete remodel, start with design pictures and remodeling pictures.


At Houlinan Construction we do a lot of our own work which is better for the customer. You only have to deal with one crew instead of having many different crews come to your home. We only hire friendly skilled professionals that we have worked with in the past for the parts of the job that we sub out, so you get the best quality and great service. Call Jaime at Houlinan Construction for a free estimate and let us show you how dedicated Houlinan Construction is to its customers.